Grantmakers Gather to Discuss More Relevant Education for Health Care Professionals

Issue dialogue on grantmaking opportunities to improve the relevance of health professions education to population health

Grantmakers In Health, Washington, held a one-day meeting on October 31, 2001 on grantmaking opportunities to make health professions education more relevant to health care delivery and population health.

Key Results

  • Attended by 27 grantmakers, researchers, and professionals working in the field (see the Appendix for a list of meeting participants), the meeting focused on the demands created by changes in demography and the health care delivery system. Ed O'Neil, Ph.D., of the Center for the Health Professions at the University of California at San Francisco delivered the keynote presentation entitled "Setting the Context" (see the Bibliography for conference details).
  • Project staff produced and disseminated a background paper for attendees, which they later revised to incorporate insights from the meetings. The 34-page brief entitled Training the Health Workforce of Tomorrow covers the topics:
    • Improving access to care in underserved areas.
    • Improving diversity in the health work force.
    • Addressing the nursing shortage.
    • Improving competency in the care of the elderly.

    It also includes quantitative and qualitative information on these issues and strategies for addressing work force problems.

    Grantmakers In Health disseminated the revised paper to some 1,500 grantmakers and 35 national experts on work force issues, and included the insert "Promoting Diversity in the Health Workforce" in its newsletter, the GIH Bulletin.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) provided partial support for the meeting through a $10,000 grant between August 2001 and November 2001.

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