Legislators Groomed to Become Strong Policy-Makers in Critical Health Issues

Forum for State Health Policy Leadership

From 1991 to 1996, staff at the Intergovernmental Health Policy Project (IHPP) continued and expanded the services provided by the organization, which provides nonpartisan information on health-care policy to state legislators. They also created a forum in which legislators could share ideas and develop leadership in the field.

In the course of this project, the Intergovernmental Health Policy Project was affiliated initially with George Washington University and then with National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL).

Key Results

  • Project staff reviewed, analyzed and produced a report on all 1991 health legislation affecting access to health care.

  • Project staff followed 23 issues related to priority areas of RWJF—access to health care, chronic health conditions, substance abuse, and health-care costs—and provided it with reports and briefings.

  • Project staff created a computer-based system to track, analyze and report on state legislative initiatives.

  • The Intergovernmental Health Policy Project established its Forum for State Health Policy Leadership to serve as a training ground for state legislative leaders in health policy.

Afterward: RWJF has authorized a three-year project (ID# 038226) that will expand the Forum for State Health Policy Leadership to all 50 states, shift its focus from information producer to information broker, and hold regional conferences in addition to the annual meeting.

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