Group Works Hard to Keep AIDS a Top Philanthropic Priority

Organizational Support for Funders Concerned About AIDS

From 1992 to 2000, Funders Concerned About AIDS, New York, an affinity group of grantmakers, carried out technical assistance and education for foundations and corporations involved in AIDS-related grantmaking.

In 1987, to advance the philanthropic response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, members of the business and foundation communities created Funders Concerned About AIDS.

RWJF and the Ford Foundation had recently instituted large national programs for addressing the AIDS crisis at the time of organization's inception. But apart from these efforts, AIDS-related funding from philanthropies stood at less than $250,000, according to Funders Concerned About AIDS figures.

Funders Concerned About AIDS engaged in briefings on AIDS issues, conferences on strategic AIDS grantmaking, outreach to business, training institutes, and publication and dissemination of information designed to help funders address AIDS.

Key Results

  • The number of philanthropic groups that receive FCAA publications and services on a regular basis grew from 1,000 in 1992 to 1,850 in 2000.

  • Many constituents responding to a 1993 Gallup survey credited Funders Concerned About AIDS for informing them about AIDS and influencing their grantmaking.

  • A 1999 Gallup survey suggested that the philanthropic response to HIV/AIDS in the United States was weakening and that many funders did not plan to shift funding to address the growing global HIV/AIDS crisis.

    These findings informed a series of recommendations for the next generation of HIV/AIDS philanthropy that Funders Concerned About AIDS is pursuing with its collaborators.

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