Making Sense and Order of the Huge and Complex Field of Health Philanthropy

Educational program for staff and trustees in health philanthropy

Starting in 1982, this project helped establish and support Grantmakers In Health, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that serves philanthropies and corporate giving programs in the health field.

Key Results

  • Under the first grant, in 1982 the Foundation Center, New York, established Grantmakers in Health as a formal, full-time center.

  • Four later grants provided general support for core activities and programs.

  • Two other grants funded specific projects:

    • An initiative designed to prepare regional and local grantmakers to help their communities respond to the impact of managed care and other sweeping transformations of the health care delivery system.
    • A conference on volunteerism and on tracking the direction and effects of health care restructuring at the community level.
  • A final grant, supported organizational changes within Grantmakers in Health in light of broad changes occurring both in the health care field and among grantmakers themselves. Two of this grant's central objectives were partially met:

    • Develop a Resource Center on health philanthropy that compiles and distributes an annually updated directory of health foundations and their key initiatives.
    • Develop a Support Center for Health Foundations to facilitate grantmakers' professional development by providing educational and technical assistance to trustees, directors, and staff of both new and well-established health foundations.

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