Small Steps Envisioned in Providing Health Care for Poor, Uninsured

Conference on the Future of the U.S. Health Care System: Who Will Finance and Deliver Care for the Poor and Uninsured?

In 1996, staff at Brandeis University's Florence Heller Graduate School for Advanced Studies in Social Welfare planned, organized and conducted a conference on financing and delivering care for the poor and uninsured. They also published a book of papers on the same topic.

Key Results:

  • The conference, "The Future US Health Care System: Who Will Finance and Deliver Care for the Poor and Uninsured?" took place at Princeton University on May 10–11, 1996.

    It was attended by more than 120 economists, health policy analysts, industry leaders, representatives of federal and state government agencies, and Congressional staff. Key issues under discussion included:
    • What role should the government play?
    • How egalitarian should the system be?

    Participants from all ideological perspectives agreed that future reform would take place incrementally, but disagreed about how best to bring about universal health coverage.
  • A book based on papers presented at the conference—entitled The Future US Healthcare System: Who Will Care for the Poor and Uninsured?—defines the problem of the uninsured and provides a number of policy alternatives representing a range of political and economic perspectives.

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