RWJF invests significantly in evaluation and research that is rigorous, timely and actionable. We are committed to developing evidence to help foster effective policy and practice, and sharing lessons to help advance our nation’s work to improve health for all.

Shining a Spotlight on Research

Commission to Build a Healthier America 2014 Report Thumbnail

Time to Act: Investing in the Health of Our Children and Communities

The RWJF Commission to Build a Healthier America—a nonpartisan group of leaders from the public and private sectors—presents 10 sweeping recommendations aimed at improving the health of all Americans.

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Does Better Recess Equal a Better School Day?

An evaluation of the national Playworks initiative finds that safe and healthy recess has the potential to drive better student behavior, health, and learning.

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RWJF Retrospectives

Recent issues of our retrospective series provide lessons learned from RWJF's work in preventing substance abuse and reducing tobacco use and exposure in the United States. 

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Affordable Care Act: Reaching and Enrolling the Uninsured

A report looking at 10 states shows stark differences in their levels of marketing and consumer assistance to get people enrolled into health coverage.

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Fast Food Facts 2013

While improvements have been made, more work is needed to improve nutritional quality in fast food restaurants and stem their targeted marketing to children and teens.

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 A doctor reads patient records during a patient examination.

The Road Toward Fully Transparent Medical Records

Patients are more engaged and participate more fully in their care when they can view their medical records.

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RWJF Public Opinion Polls Series

A collaboration between RWJF, the Harvard School of Public Health and NPR examines the public's views on key health and health care issues, and broader social issues that affect health.

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 A hospital nurse checking nursing information on a white board.

Leveraging Performance Measurement for Quality Improvement

Case studies explore how three Aligning Forces for Quality communities used physician performance measurement data in quality improvement initiatives.

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anthology 2011 cover

Anthology: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at 40

RWJF's biennial book series shares learnings from over 40 years of grantmaking.

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RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholar AkkeNeel Talsma

Charting Nursing's Future

A series of policy briefs covers a range of issues relating to the national nursing shortage, nurses' role in quality patient care, and more.    

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