Sharing Nursing's Knowledge: August 2013

Nurses Advocate for Health System Change


RWJF Scholars who have experienced violence, bullying, poor care coordination, and other health problems fight for more access, better care, and other reforms.

A Fast Track to Bachelor's Degrees in Nursing

A new ADN-to-BSN bridge program in southern California welcomed its first cohort of scholars this summer.

More Nurses Advancing Their Education, Study Finds

More nurses are entering the field with bachelor’s degrees; the nursing workforce is still not nearly as diverse as the country.

New Nevada Law a 'Huge Win' for Patients and Nurses

The Nevada Action Coalition worked with proponents to enact a new law that is expected to ease shortages of primary care providers.

In the Media

‘Nurse Jackie’ receives five Emmy nominations.

Recent Research About Nursing

Two new studies focus on nurse managers—one on the harmful effects that nurse manager turnover can have on patient outcomes, and another on the vital role nurse managers play in creating healthy work environments.

Quotable Quotes About Nursing

New and notable quotes on how military education prepares public health nurses, nurses in the NICU, and more.

More Nursing on

Public health nurses, the primary care workforce, and more.

Grantee Profile

Nurse Leader Combats Cancer Among African Immigrant Women


Ifeanyi (Ify) Anne Nwabukwu, winner of prestigious RWJF Community Health Leader award, is working to narrow health disparities.

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Recent Calls for Proposals

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars (Deadline: September 20, 2013)