Sharing Nursing's Knowledge: April 2013

More Nurses Climbing Education Ladder


A more highly educated nursing workforce will help meet future health care demands.

Modern-Day Crystal Ball Could Revolutionize Neonatal Care

Searing experience led RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholar to use ‘glass orb’ technology to create a tool to detect premature infant pain.

In Indiana, Physicians and Nurses Work Together to Transform Nursing

Nurses, doctors, and other health professionals team up in the Heartland to improve health and health care.

Setting a New Standard for Interdisciplinary Research on Nursing

RWJF program provides vast evidence of nursing’s contributions to improving care, identifies areas for further research.

In the Media

Hefty tome about nurses generates hefty media coverage.

Recent Research About Nursing

New studies focus on nurses’ confidence in hospital safety programs and nurse-led care for asthma patients.

Quotable Quotes About Nursing

New and notable quotes on nurse practitioners, the role of nurses in helping patients who are terminal, nurse/physician collaboration, and more.

More Nursing on

Public health nurses working in libraries, what’s new on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Human Capital Blog, and more.

RWJF Scholar Pioneers Innovative Program to Help Low-Income Elderly Age at Home


Nurse Faculty Scholar puts ‘handymen’ to work turning older people’s homes into safe, healthy environments.

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