Knowledge to Action: Accelerating Progress in Health, Well-Being, and Equity

    • April 3, 2017
Knowledge to Action book cover

Featuring prominent voices from diverse sectors, Knowledge to Action is a collection of essays that explores how the United States can meaningfully improve the health and well-being of all its people.

In the United States, we spend more on health care than any other nation and, yet, we live sicker, shorter lives. Furthermore, our health is inextricably tied to where we live, learn, work, and play, and there are significant disparities in access to healthier choices and conditions in our communities. Improving our nation’s health and health care is imperative, and it requires societal change, as every public health challenge is also a challenge of equity, implementation, and policy.

Knowledge to Action: Accelerating Progress in Health, Well-Being, and Equity is a collection of short conversations with leading academics, journalists, policymakers, public health practitioners, and researchers focused on the idea of meaningful change—its definition, its impediments, and exploring how we can transition from research to action in health, well-being, and equity.

This inaugural volume explores topics including: efforts to address disparities in health and achieve health equity; strategies for identifying solutions to persistent health and health care issues to better future policy and practice; explorations of the connections between policing and urban design and health and well-being; examinations of innovative and promising multi-disciplinary partnerships; and more.

Knowledge to Action is edited by Alonzo L. Plough, PhD, MPH, MA, and published by Oxford University Press