Webinar: Engaging Patients to Improve Health and Health Care

People who are actively engaged in their health care are more likely to stay healthy, while those who lack the skills and confidence to manage their own care often require more of it and incur up to 21 percent higher health care costs. On an April 15 webinar, community alliances leading the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) initiative presented lessons for how hospitals, primary care providers and patients are working together to improve care and empower patients.


Resources on Increasing Patient Engagement

Doctor and nurse checking vitals on a patient in the geriatric ward.

Issue Brief: Engaging Patients Improves Health and Health Care

This issue brief presents key lessons about what’s working in Aligning Forces for Quality communities to improve the quality and value of health care by engaging patients.

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A Multidimensional Framework for Patient and Family Engagement in Health and Health Care

Patient Engagement Framework

This flowchart provides a multidimensional framework for patient and family engagement in health and health care.

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