State Insurance Departments Dataset

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The State Insurance Departments Dataset contains data on key characteristics of each state's insurance department.

To understand the functionality and operational outcomes of the health insurance exchanges, an understanding of state insurance departments is key.

The State Insurance Departments Dataset contains data on the characteristics of each state’s Insurance Commissioner, including how each commissioner is selected and retained and whether they have made a formal statement regarding the exchanges. Furthermore, the dataset includes data on each state’s governor’s sentiment toward the exchanges and each state’s insurance department’s annual budget.


Funding for HIX 2.0, and the State Insurance Departments Dataset, was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.


Note: If you are using the State Insurance Departments Dataset for research purposes please cite the dataset as follows: Baker, T.; Town, R. (2014): Health Insurance Exchanges 2.0 Dataset. Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

The State Insurance Departments Dataset was last updated on July, 2013.

The creation of the datasets is a work in progress. We welcome your suggestions. Please contact Gabbie Nirenburg at with any questions, comments, or ideas for improvement in the datasets. The datasets are regularly updated and we will attempt to incorporate your comments. 



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