Paving the Way to Simpler

Experience from Maximizing Enrollment States in Streamlining Eligibility and Enrollment

A new report unveils states’ innovative approaches for simplifying enrollment processes in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). These insights could help other states boost enrollment and retention, improve customer experience, and run Medicaid programs more efficiently.

The report provides guidance related to five major areas:

  • applications
  • eligibility determinations
  • renewals and transfers
  • notices
  • business process improvement

As a result of the states' work, families may now experience improved clarity and speedier decisions when interacting with public health coverage programs and eligibility staff can manage case loads with greater efficiency and accuracy.

About the Program

Since 2009, states participating in the Maximizing Enrollment program have worked to streamline eligibility and enrollment systems for children and those eligible for coverage in 2014. These states’ use of technology to simplify the application and renewal process; communicate with consumers to help them enroll; and modify existing agency structures and worker roles and responsibilities have paved the way for many ACA provisions.