Realizing the Potential of All-Payer Claims Databases

Creating the Reporting Plan

States and regional health collaboratives across the country are creating all-payer claims databases (APCDs) to encourage health system measurement and health care improvement activities. This brief by Freedman HealthCare, LLC, offers an in-depth look at how states can effectively utilize APCDs to their full potential.

To create a credible data reporting system, states should:

  • develop a reporting plan, which includes an up-front statement of APCD reporting goals prior to data collection to reinforce data transparency and collaboration across the stakeholder community;
  • develop briefing materials tailored to address the questions and concerns of stakeholders;
  • assess the effectiveness of consumer-facing Web tools; and
  • determine the best way to deliver data, including methods and frequency.

Authors offer case study examples of states that have built effective APCD systems, including Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Vermont. In addition to an overview of each program, the case studies include the successes, challenges, and lessons learned for each state.


The Basics of All-Payer Claims Databases: A Primer for States

January 14, 2014 | Brief

This brief explores all-payer claims databases (APCDs) and the steps states should take when developing such programs.

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