Communicating Progress on Minnesota's Local Public Health Act Performance Measures

The Minnesota Department of Health Office of Performance Improvement produced this data book in consultation with the Performance Improvement Steering Committee, a standing committee of the State Community Health Services Advisory Committee (SCHSAC). The purpose of the data book is to monitor and communicate Local Public Health Act data collected through the Local Public Health Planning and Performance Measurement Reporting System (PPMRS).

This data book provides system results for the Infrastructure Public Health Area of Responsibility.

The data presented here were reported by Minnesota’s 52 CHBs in 2013. The guidance provided for reporting on these measures—including guidance specific to multi-county CHBs—is an important resource for interpreting the data of this report. This guidance is available online at: PPMRS: Help for LPH Act Performance Measures.

There are limitations to the data presented. All reporting is self-reported. In 2013, all CHBs began reporting on new infrastructure performance measures and some multi-county CHBs reported together for the first time. MDH consulted with the committee on training and reporting guidance to ease the transition and standardize reporting. Though this data book represents an important milestone, as CHBs become more familiar with the measures, and more consistently use reporting guidance, MDH can be more confident that findings accurately reflect “true” system capacity. During this transition year, CHBs reported on a limited number of measures in the other five areas of responsibility (Appendix A). Also, a separate report summarizes CHB capacity around health informatics, and is available online at: Minnesota e-Health Assessment Reports, Fact Sheets, and Briefs: Local Public Health