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Public Opinion Poll Series

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RWJF Public Opinion Polls Series

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Polling the Nation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has been conducting public opinion polls for many years. In this series, it collaborates with the Harvard School of Public Health and NPR to conduct new public opinion research and synthesize existing research that will provide policy-makers, other institutions and community organizations with new insight into the public's views on key health and health care issues.


RWJF Public Opinion Polls


The Burden of Stress in America

Health-related events were the most common major stressful events in Americans' lives in the last year, a new report finds. Learn more about what causes stress, and how Americans alleviate it.

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Latinos' Lives and Health Today

Latinos in America are largely satisfied with their lives and optimistic about their childrens' future, but remain concerned about their finances and the ability to pay for a major illness.

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Education and Health in Schools

Parents give schools low grades for their lack of focus on physical activity and have mixed views about the health of food available at school.

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African Americans' Lives Today

African Americans report being satisfied with their lives in general, but many have economic and health concerns, and experience discrimination.

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A Poll About Children and Weight

This poll provides new insights into the epidemic of childhood obesity and the challenges families face between school and sleep.

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