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Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research

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Improving Rural Hospital Quality by Enhancing Evidence-Based Nursing

Research briefs from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Nursing Research Network identify specific ways nurses affect patient care quality and outcomes. Since 2005, the Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative (INQRI) program has supported interdisciplinary teams that involved nursing scholars and scholars from other disciplines in research projects—from the conceptual study design to the adoption in practice of new measures of standards of care.

This research brief tests the effects of a nurse-led quality collaborative approach to implementing evidence-based heart failure (HF) care on HF core measures, and to examine factors that contributed differences in patient outcomes.

Key Findings

  • Stable environments with less nurse turnover are correlated with better core measure HF care, including smoking cessation and compliance with discharge instructions.

  • Nurses in rural hospitals report a moderate level of smoking-cessation counseling.

  • Nurses who are more comfortable with smoking-cessation counseling skills used more evidence-based nursing interventions regardless of their age, education, work status, gender, or ethnicity.

  • Items nurses reported to be less likely to occur were those that require the greatest degree of comfort with evidence-based practice.

  • The quality collaborative resulted in descriptive (but not statistically significant) improvements in HF care.

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To support interdisciplinary studies that address critical knowledge gaps regarding causal linkages between nursing and health care quality and to synthesize, translate, and disseminate major findings to key stakeholders.

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