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Collaboratively Empowering Parents

Preschool Without Walls, in Los Angeles, California, aims to reach, educate, and empower parents to serve as their children’s first and lifelong educator. The program includes:

  • "Teaching in Familiar Places”, a program that identifies familiar community spaces, such as parks and libraries, for learning. Teachers create lessons that incorporate the unique attributes of each setting.
  • "Families Learning Together", bilingual lessons that are designed to share with parents and children to explore core competencies such as colors, days, times, and specific themes like culture, art, and science.
  • "Child Development and Early Learning Pathway", which works with prenatal care, delivery, and infancy programs to help families access preschool.
  • "Kindergarten Transition" facilitates a hands-on approach to the kindergarten transition through field trips to local schools.

This case study highlights major outcomes and accomplishments, ingredients for success, key partners, and the populations served.