A Global Perspective of Food Marketing and the Role of Place

Part IV

Student buys snack from vending machine.

Youth are highly influenced by their surroundings. Part IV examines several areas where food marketing is particularly influential, including in and around schools and in-store marketing efforts directed toward children. It is also particularly important to consider areas that may have an influence on youth but are not observed or regulated by parents. Understanding the role of place and its relationship to the presence of food and beverage advertising requires unique methods of measurement, and as such, this section highlights studies on direct observation tools that were designed for data collection in the field.

Part IV Advances in Communication Research to Reduce Childhood Obesity also addresses the impact of food and beverage marketing to youth in other countries. For example, research conducted in India suggests the influence of “Westernization” and celebrity on the health of India’s youth. Understanding what types of media youth experience on a daily basis is a key component in evaluating the impact of food and beverage marketing on childhood obesity rates.


A Look Inside Part IV of Advances in Communication Research to Reduce Childhood Obesity:

Chapter 12: Adolescents' Response to Food Marketing in Delhi, India by Stigler MH, Medina J, Arora M, azar G, Rodrigues LM, Reddy KS and Perry CL

Chapter 13: The Role of Schools in Food and Beverage Marketing: Significant, Challenges, Next Steps by Latimer LA, Delk J, Springer AE and Pasch KE

Chapter 14: Outdoor Food and Beverage Advertising: A Saturated Environment by Pasch KE and Poulos NS

Chapter 15: Exploring Marketing Targeted at Youth in Food Stores by Grigsby-Toussaint DS, Harrison K, Nelson MR, Fiese BH and Christoph MJ