Engaging Employers on Paying for Health Care That's Proven to Work

Case Study

Workers now pay 47 percent more than they did in 2005 for family health coverage they get through their jobs, while their wages have increased only 18 percent. Employers, in contrast, pay 20 percent more toward their employees' health insurance than they did five years ago.

In Northeast Ohio, an alliance bringing together those who get, give and pay for care is finding innovative ways to improve the way care is delivered and paid for. As part of this work, Better Health, the local Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) alliance in Northeast Ohio–is helping local employers, health plans, and health care providers forge partnerships to develop these cutting edge approaches for better care, improved health, and lower costs. The objective is to shift the mode of health care payment to one that focuses on meeting quality standards and ensuring positive patient outcomes from the current system, which rewards quantity, by simply paying for the number of test or procedures that a doctor or hospital provides.

Better Health has been actively recruiting local businesses to participate in new health care purchasing initiatives. This brief presents findings on employers’ familiarity with–and reactions to–concepts related to paying for care based on demonstrated achievement on quality.