The MOMobile Home Visiting Program Goes to Jail and Follows the Babies Home

Dates of Project: July 2006 through December 2010

Field of Work: Improving the health and parenting of incarcerated women who are pregnant or have young children.

Problem Synopsis: Prisons often are ill equipped to handle the special needs of pregnant inmates and incarcerated women with young children. Nor do prisons facilitate these women's connections with social services when they leave prison.

Synopsis of the Work: MOMobile at Riverside provided educational and support services to approximately 350 female inmates who were pregnant and/or mothers of young children.

Key Findings

According to an internal assessment, access to comprehensive health services and education increased through MOMobile services, and participants gained new knowledge and health behaviors. Participants:

  • Increased their knowledge of child health and development
  • Showed positive changes in health-related behaviors both while incarcerated and after their release.
  • Gained access to social services and public health benefits after release.