A National Grassroots Campaign for Healthier Food

Implementing the Ingredients for Change campaign for the documentary "Food, Inc."

Field of Work: Healthy food, food justice and childhood obesity

Problem Synopsis: Low-income neighborhoods often lack ready access to healthy, affordable food. In one study, researchers found that supermarkets accounted for less than 2 percent of all food outlets in three low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles. This is one of the reasons obesity is more prevalent in low-income neighborhoods than in affluent communities.

Synopsis of the Work: From 2009 to 2010, Active Voice, San Francisco, organized Ingredients for Change, a nationwide grassroots campaign designed to spur public awareness and advocacy around healthy food, food justice and childhood obesity. The campaign coincided with the release of Food, Inc., a feature-length documentary that portrays the U.S. food industry as mechanized, centralized and focused on creating highly processed food cheaply.

Key Results: Active Voice worked with local advocacy organizations to host screenings of Food, Inc., in 30 low-income communities around the country. The organization created publications on how to host successful film-screening events, an electronic media kit on eliciting media coverage, and a national network of 3,000 leaders and constituents from the 30 sites dedicated to fighting obesity and advocating for healthy food options in low-income neighborhoods.