Aligning Forces for Quality Physician Survey

The NSSMPP survey was developed by the National Survey of Small and Medium-Sized Physician Practices (NSSMPP) research team in collaboration with the Aligning Forces for Quality evaluation team. One of the primary objectives for this survey was to assess the extent to which physician practices have adopted key components of the Chronic Care Model (CCM). In addition to demographic information about a practice, the NSSMPP survey covers seven domains, including:

  1. Use of clinical information technology
  2. Use of care management processes to improve the quality of care for four chronic
    diseases (asthma, congestive heart failure, depression, and diabetes)
  3. Provision of clinical preventive services and health promotion
  4. Exposure to external performance incentives such as pay for performance and public
  5. Payer mix, forms of compensation from health plans, and forms of compensation paid by
    the practice to its physicians
  6. Practice organizational culture
  7. Information about health plans’ provision of care management and preventive services for the practice’s patients.

The survey provides baseline data that are intended to help with planning in the AF4Q sites by providing a snapshot of small and medium-sized practices. The evaluation team will field a follow-up survey in 2011 that will allow for measurement of changes over time.

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