Investing In Reclaiming Futures

Reclaiming Futures: Communities Helping Teens Overcome Drugs, Alcohol and Crime program features presentations live online, via the Web and teleconference. Topics include juvenile justice reform, juvenile drug courts, adolescent substance abuse treatment, positive youth development, and many more.

Previous trainings include a webinar on January 20 about cost-effective juvenile justice reform, another on May 28, 2009 which addressed adolescent opioid use and another, on May 21, which focused on issues of poverty.

Investing in Reclaiming Futures: A Promising Model for Cost-Effective Juvenile Justice Reform
In this webinar, Mark Fulop, Grant and Partnership Development Director for Reclaiming Futures outlined the Reclaiming Futures model and how it has been adopted as a cost-effective juvenile justice reform initiative.

Topics included:

  1. an overview of the need for system improvement for young people involved with juvenile justice and substance abuse;
  2. a description of the Reclaiming Futures model;
  3. a state framework for Reclaiming Futures; and
  4. discussion about the role of public policy makers and foundations in adopting Reclaiming Futures as a state framework.

This webinar took place on January 20, 2011, at 1:30 p.m. (EST).