Grants Portfolio


In 2005 the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) launched Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change, a national initiative focused on discovering and evaluating innovative interventions to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in health care. Finding Answers focuses specifically on reducing quality of care disparities in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression; diseases for which the evidence of racial and ethnic disparities is strong and the recommended standards of care are clear.

This portfolio report presents an outline of the 33 Finding Answers projects which are being evaluated through funding from RWJF as part of the Finding Answers program. They give health care organizations a place to start, options to consider and ideas about where and how to intervene. Across all of these projects, we are learning what makes disparities reduction efforts succeed, and what makes them struggle. By testing these strategies in a variety of settings, we are gaining a better understanding about which strategies work best and how to implement them.

The solutions that help end health disparities will be as multifaceted as the causes. Health care organizations will need to determine what solutions work for them based on their patient population, equity goals, practice structure and capacity for change. To make this report easier to use, projects are organized based on program strategy, level of intervention and mode of delivery.

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