2010: The Year in Research

At the end of every year we take a look at the research that has been published during the previous 12 months and select a number of peer-reviewed research articles by our grantees that we feel had major impact on research or influenced the field. This year we nominated 20 articles based on their RWJF Web site popularity.

We then asked our Web site visitors to help us choose the five articles representing RWJF's Most Influential Research Articles of 2010.

To our nominees, we value your research contributions and hope you continue to make enormous strides in research and evaluation of health and health care.

To this year's winners, congratulations! 2010: Year in Research Articles

1) Measuring Population Health Outcomes By RG Parrish An ideal population health outcome metric should reflect a population's dynamic state of physical, mental and social well-being. On the basis of a review of outcomes metrics currently in use and the availability of data for at least some U.S. counties, this study makes recommendations for population health outcomes.

2) Federal Food Policy and Childhood Obesity By R Tolbert Kimbro and E Rigby This study found there is a protective effect from food assistance programs (school meals & Child and Adult Food Program) that subsidize meals, as opposed to those programs that provide financial assistance to purchase food.

3) Racial/Ethnic Differences in Early-Life Risk Factors for Childhood Obesity By EM Taveras, MW Gillman, K Kleinman, JW Rich-Edwards and SL Rifas-Shiman Researchers have identified obesity risk factors present during pregnancy and early childhood. This study investigated whether a child's race or ethnicity exposes the child to these early-life risk factors for obesity.

4) Measuring the Impact of Public Health Policy By RC Brownson, R Seiler and AA Eyler Effective health policies and allocation of public health resources can substantially improve public health. In this study, the authors review articles published in 2008 surrounding measurement issues for public health policy and present a set of recommendations for future emphasis.

5) The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Reinventing Primary Care By MD Naylor and ET Kurtzman Nurse practitioners are the principal group of advanced practice nurses delivering primary care in the United States. This study reviewed the current and projected nurse practitioner workforce and summarized the available evidence of their contributions to improving primary care and reducing more costly health resource use.

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