Developing Workplace Strategies to Prevent and Respond to Domestic Violence

National conference on intimate partner violence and its impact on the workplace

The Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence convened employers and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers for a national conference November 6–7, 2008, to discuss workplace strategies to prevent and respond to domestic violence.

The project produced conference proceedings, a Blueprint for Action and five webinars addressing intimate partner violence issues.

Key Results: The Conference:

  • Some 135 people representing 69 corporations, EAPs, research groups, and nonprofit organizations across the United States and Canada attended the National S2—Safer, Smarter Workplace Conference on November 6–7, 2008, in San Francisco.
  • Allstate Foundation sponsored:
    • A pre-conference webinar on October 28, 2008, that laid the conceptual groundwork for the conference and provided opportunities for attendees to interact with experts on intimate partner violence. Some 135 people attended.
    • A post-conference webinar on February 24, 2009, that reported on progress since the conference and included three mini-presentations from conference attendees about interventions and assessment tools being used to combat domestic violence as a workplace issue. These presentations were a direct result of the conference. Some 70 people attended.
  • The Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence hosted three additional post-conference webinars:
    • Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace: An EAP/Employer Partnership, November 12, 2009, explored EAP/employer collaboration to address incidents of domestic violence. Some 300 people attended.
    • Dealing with Batterers in the Workplace, May 12, 2009, discussed the importance of recognizing batterers, in addition to victims, as part of a comprehensive response to intimate partner violence. Some 200 people attended.
    • Domestic Violence and the Workplace—A Multi-Disciplinary Approach from Liz Claiborne Inc., August 25, 2009, discussed the company's use of a Domestic Violence Response Team. Some 200 people attended.

Key Results: Information Dissemination:

  • A Blueprint for Action, initiated at the conference, gives recommendations on how employers and EAPs can address intimate partner violence effectively.
  • Conference proceedings, the Blueprint for Action and summaries of the five webinars are available for review on the project website. Users may reproduce the Blueprint for Action but must obtain permission to reproduce all other materials.
  • From January 1, 2009, through March 15, 2010, there have been 3,181 visits to the project website, including to its documents.