To Improve Health and Health Care, Volume XIII

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anthology

This volume of the Anthology focuses on the Foundation's efforts to learn from programs that did not work out as planned. The first four chapters examine the topic from different perspectives: drawing lessons from programs that did not meet expectations; redesigning programs while they are in progress; and a case study of a single program. These chapters are followed by a commentary on the role of failure in philanthropic learning. Written by the country's leading science and medical journalists, as well as experts from universities and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Volume XIII includes chapters on:

  • Learning from programs that didn't work out as planned
  • Communications at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Combating drug addiction
  • The Reclaiming Futures program
  • The College Alcohol Study
  • Overcoming language barriers to care
  • MicheLee Puppets and the fight against childhood obesity.