Fitness with Partnerships

Lauderdale Lakes' Health Strategy is about Building Links

A spirit of cooperation has given rise to several major public health projects in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. The city created a greenway bike and pedestrian path along an existing canal.

This informational brief describes how public agencies have cooperated to encourage physical activity in Lauderdale Lakes. The author emphasizes a broad strategy that has pulled together diverse funding streams, partnerships and programs.

The residents of Lauderdale Lakes took an active role in a community redevelopment planning process in 2003. The city developed a green project, using a canal that runs through the community; the canal connects schools, a park, city hall and several neighborhoods. The former parks and recreation director credits a collaboration between a “progressive citizenry,” visionary officials and an innovative community redevelopment agency (CRA).

Key Findings:

  • The city of Lauderdale Lakes leveraged a $1.5 million dollar grant to cover the construction of the first swimming pool on school district property.
  • The city and the county school board reached an agreement for the city to renovate outdoor recreational facilities in the Lauderdale Lakes school district. In exchange the facilities will be open to the public after school hours.
  • Lauderdale Lakes adapted a school program to help adults plan daily nutritional and physical activity tasks.

The residents of Lauderdale Lakes have taken an active role in the development of major public health projects. The city is using a broad strategy, leveraging all of its resources to improve the health of its citizens.