Apprenticeship Programs Give Chicago Teens Skills and Job Opportunities (Chicago)

After School Matters in Chicago

Dates of Program: January 1999 to August 2006

Field of Work: Reducing substance abuse and improving the health and safety of children

Synopsis of the Work: After School: Connecting Children at Risk With Responsible Adults to Help Reduce Youth Substance Abuse and Other Health-Compromising Behaviors was a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that helped develop intermediary organizations in Boston, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area in order to create citywide systems of after-school programs.

Story Told: The city of Chicago needed about 1,000 lifeguards to guard 29 miles of lakefront and some 250 pools. This sidebar describes how Chicago's intermediary organization, After School Matters, added lifeguarding to its paid apprenticeship programs to help the city meet its staffing needs while enabling teens to learn to swim and train as lifeguards. Other apprenticeship programs—in sports, technology, communications, and the arts—are also described.