Understanding the Committee's Charge

A Discussion with John Lumpkin

John Lumpkin, M.D., M.P.H., senior vice president and director of the Health Care Group at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, gave the charge to the Committee for the Initiative on the Future of Nursing. Lumpkin delivered these remarks at the National Academy of Sciences Building on July 14 in Washington, D.C.  

Lumpkin addressed the need to invest in long-term solutions to health care and the critical role nurses must play in solving many of these issues, adding that “The nation’s 2.7 million registered nurses make up the single largest part of the health care workforce and are, in many ways, the backbone of the health care system.”

Stressing several areas in which to examine the role of nursing, Lumpkin highlighted: Reconceptualizing the role of nursing within the context of the entire workforce; ways to expand nursing faculty; solutions related to care delivery and health professional education; and attracting and retaining nurses in multiple care settings.

Lumpkin also stated the importance of conveying the message that, “addressing nursing workforce challenges must be considered a societal issue, one that does not solely belong to nursing and its leaders to ‘fix’ but rather to all who might consider health and health care a priority for this nation.”