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Site Feedback on Early Technical Assistance

The following is a summary of feedback from key informants in the Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) sites regarding the Foundation-sponsored technical assistance they received during the initial years of the project. The information contained in this report comes from responses to broad, open-ended questions about technical assistance that were asked in over 300 interviews conducted by the evaluation team with alliance directors, key staff and other key contacts at the sites from July 2006 through October 2008. For more detail, please see the methods section at the end of this document.

This report focuses on the themes and patterns that have emerged regarding early technical assistance and is not intended to provide feedback on specific technical assistance providers.

The actual words used by the respondents to describe their experiences with technical assistance have been included as often as possible. In order to protect the confidentiality of the respondents, identifying details have been removed from quotations, as needed. Additionally, in order to further protect confidentiality, the feedback from individual respondents is attributed collectively to the respondent’s site.