Building State-Level Advocacy Networks

CVC After Two Years - Consumer Voices for Coverage Evaluation

This report describes the progress made by Consumer Voices for Coverage (CVC) participants during the first two years of the initiative. It synthesizes information from (1) a review of status reports filed by grantees in 2008 and 2009; (2) semistructured interviews held with grantee project directors and group interviews with leadership team members in 2009; and (3) focus groups with participants attending the CVC annual conference in September 2009.

The evaluation shows that CVC networks have made progress on a number of fronts. CVC grantees and leadership teams built on or improved their initial relationships and decision-making approaches, improving coordination and conducting joint advocacy activities. CVC networks also involved themselves in health insurance coverage and related policy discussions, adding the consumer‘s voice to important policy debates in their states. Finally, CVC helped build capacities among grantees and some network members, especially in the areas of communications and media, policy analysis and grassroots organizing. Two years into the grant, however, participants were still uncertain how to cultivate financial resources to sustain their activities after CVC, suggesting that more technical assistance is needed in this area.