A Report on State Action to Promote Nutrition, Increase Physical Activity and Prevent Obesity

The Fall 2008 Balance report summarizes state-level action taken by decision-makers and advocates from June to October 2008 to address the national childhood obesity epidemic.

The first chapter of the report provides an overview of legislative policy and planning actions that occurred during the summer and fall-the creation of commissions or task forces and the examination of health insurance coverage and benefits. Subsequent chapters cover community access to nutritious foods, action by the food and beverage industry, efforts to improve community design and promote active living, children's access to healthy foods, and physical activity among students.

Although there was legislative action on a wide range of topics during this period, few bills were passed. In fact, from January to October 2008 only 34 of the 320 childhood obesity-related bills introduced at the state level were enacted, and only 15 of the 39 state legislatures that introduced or acted on legislation passed measures. More information on the state level action during the summer and fall of 2008 can be found in the executive summary and full Balance Report for Fall 2008.