Many people contribute to the making of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anthology. We owe a profound debt of gratitude to all of them. We would like to single out Lydia Ryba of the Foundation's Office of Proposal Management, who for the past several years has gone through the manuscript and made sure that all of the programs mentioned were correctly named and that the dates and amounts of the awards were accurate. She has been helped in this painstaking effort by her colleagues, Patti Higgins, Kathleen McGeady and Richard Toth, the director of the office.

Others within the Foundation who deserve our thanks are Molly McKaughan, who edited all the chapters but one, and Marian Bass, who edited the chapter on the Health Link project; Lori Grubstein, Katherine Hatton, Andy Hyman, Jim Ingram, Michelle Larkin, Laura Leviton, Joe Marx, Tracy Orleans, Ann Pomphrey and Brian Quinn, who reviewed all or parts of individual chapters; Edie Burbank-Schmitt, who proved once again to be an outstanding research assistant; Sonia Pascal, who provided brief summaries of Foundation-funded programs; Hinda Feige Greenberg, Mary Beth Kren and Barbara Sergeant, who provided information, much of it hard to find, for the writers and editors alike; Hope Woodhead, who oversaw the distribution process, and Barbara Sherwood, who handled a variety of distribution matters; Marilyn Ernst, Mimi Turi, Mary Castria, Carol Owle, Carolyn Scholer and Chris Sowa, who collectively managed the financial aspects of the contract with Health Policy Associates; Larry Blumenthal and Emily Culbertson, who oversaw the process of placing the Anthology on the Foundation's Web site; and Deborah Malloy, Sherry DeMarchi, Christine Clayton and Tina Hines, who coordinated the meetings of the San Francisco-based editor and Foundation staff members. We express our special appreciation to David Morse, who has been an active partner in all phases of the Anthology, and Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, who reviewed all of the manuscripts in draft form. We also thank Fred Mann, who oversaw the evaluation of the Anthology series that took place during the year.

Once again, the outside review committee did a superb job of shaping the book and suggesting ways to improve the draft manuscripts. For the most part, the committee has remained intact since the first volume some 12 years ago, and we thank its members: Susan Dentzer, William Morrill, Patricia Patrizi, and Jonathan Showstack. We acknowledge the significant contributions made by Pat Crow, for his superb editing of this volume; Patti Hagan, for fact checking; and Lauren MacIntyre for transcribing edited pages into clean copy; and we thank Seth Emont, Michael Beachler, Steve Schroeder, Polly Seitz, and Judy Stavisky for reviewing drafts of individual chapters. At Jossey-Bass, Andy Pasternack and his team, including Seth Schwartz and Kelsey McGee, did their usual professional job. Lastly, we thank Elizabeth Dawson for handling the editorial, production and financial aspects of the Anthology with her usual efficiency and good cheer.