Students at a Seattle Elementary School Love Their Fruits and Vegetables

Healthy Eating by Design

Field of Work: Changing local food and nutrition policies and environments for children.

Synopsis of the Work: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) selected 12 community partnerships participating in its national program Active Living by Design to implement strategies to provide affordable, healthy and appealing food options to children and families by changing local food and nutrition policies and environments. Seven school-based partnerships and five community-based partnerships participated in Health Eating by Design. In Seattle's T.T. Minor Elementary School, a nutritionist teaches children about healthy eating and encourages them to eat the fruits and vegetables that are available throughout the school day.

Story Told: "We're trying to create healthy habits for the kids, to help them understand what they need to be healthy," said Laura Davis Brown, T.T. Minor's principal, of the school's 272 students.

Students are learning key lessons that will last a lifetime, according to Gloria Mitchell, who was the principal at T.T. Minor when Healthy Eating Seattle began. "We are conditioning our kids to think of food as fuel for their bodies. They recognize the difference between having something that is healthy and something that tastes good in the short run. We're changing their mindset for a lifetime."