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    • January 27, 2009

In January 2005, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published the first issue of Charting Nursing's Future. Now a series of policy briefs, Charting Nursing's Future was conceived as a way to educate and inform hospital executives, state and national lawmakers, nursing and nursing education leaders and other policy-makers about a wide range of issues relating to the nursing shortage, the role of nurses in quality initiatives and more.

Since the inaugural issue, Charting Nursing's Future has addressed topics such as nursing education, collaboration to ease the nursing shortage, recruitment and retention, transformation of the work environment, nursing workforce data collection, quality patient care, the nursing faculty shortage and the role of nurse leaders in transforming public health.

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Latest Issues of Charting Nursing's Future

Nurses Shape Long-Term Health Care Services for Seniors

January 1, 2015

Nurses play an important role in designing and implementing programs that improve health care options for older Americans. Learn more from Charting Nursing’s Future, Issue 24.

Innovation in Clinical Nursing Education

September 24, 2014

Health care has evolved toward population health, care coordination, and other innovative practices. Yet, nursing education still emphasize hospital-based care. What are the most efficient ways to close the gap?

Ten Years After Keeping Patients Safe

March 3, 2014

Issue 22 of Charting Nursing's Future examines progress made in the 10 years since the IOM's "Keeping Patients Safe" report.

The Case for Academic Progression

September 1, 2013

Issue 21 of the Charting Nursing's Future series explores why nurses should advance their education and the strategies that make this feasible.

Improving Patient Access to High-Quality Care

June 1, 2013

This issue of Charting Nursing’s Future focuses on advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs).

Improving Health and Health Care Through Nursing

January 1, 2013

This issue of Charting Nursing's Future celebrates four decades of RWJF investments targeting nursing's ability to improve care and strengthen the nursing profession.

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