Measuring the Medical Home Infrastructure in Large Medical Groups

While there is slow adoption of the patient-centered-medical home (PCMH), the largest of the large medical groups have the most comprehensive PCMH infrastructures.

What researchers found: Adoption of all aspects of the medical home model was low even among the majority of large medical groups. On a summary score that measures aspects of the medical home, the median score for large practices was 7 out of a possible 20. Large organization size and ownership by a larger entity, such as a hospital or an HMO, were associated with the highest summary scores.

Why we chose this publication: Leading medical organizations praise PCMH for its emphasis on patient centered quality care. This study, however, shows relatively limited adoption of this model.

What researchers studied: These researchers used data from the second National Study of Physician Organizations and the Management of Chronic Illness to determine which large medical groups nationwide have the infrastructure to support the PCMH model. From March 2006 through March 2007, medical directors and CEO's from 291 U.S. medical groups having 20 or more physicians were interviewed by phone and were scored on four PCMH infrastructure components.

Publication information:
"Measuring the Medical Home Infrastructure in Large Medical Groups"

Rittenhouse DR, Casalino LP, Gillies RR, Shortell SM, Lau B
Health Affairs, 27(5): 1246–1258, September/October 2008.