A New Nursing Survey Tool is Validated

Producing a refined and validated interdisciplinary measurement tool for nurse team functioning and vitality

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Nursing revised and validated a survey instrument that they had developed to assess team functioning, attitudes toward safety, the organizational climate and satisfaction among nurses and other frontline health care professionals.

The project built upon earlier work performed by the principal investigator and her colleagues in developing the Healthcare Team Vitality Survey as part of Transforming Care at the Bedside, an RWJF national program.

Key Findings

  • articipants were consistent in their understanding of the meaning of most survey questions. Survey respondents provided the researchers with consistent interpretations of 18 of the 20 survey questions. The researchers reworded two questions in response.

  • The survey did in fact measure what it set out to measure—vitality, defined here as "care delivery team functioning and engagement." Thirteen (65 percent) of the 20 survey questions moderately to strongly correlated with at least one of two surveys commonly used in the health care industry.

Key Conclusions

  • The Healthcare Team Vitality Survey can be used to collect meaningful data related to the vitality level among health care providers.