Use of Flavored Cigarettes Among Older Adolescent and Adult Smokers

United States, 2004-2005

Flavored cigarettes, such as Camel Exotic Blends, Kool Smooth Fusion and Salem Silver Label brands, began to be marketed in the late 1990s. Concerns exist about flavored cigarettes due to the appeal such products may have for young people.

This study examined flavored cigarette use by individuals between the age of 17–26 years and those 25 years of age and older. Study participants were part of two national telephone surveys, the National Youth Smoking Cessation Survey (NYSCS) and the Assessing Hardcore Smoking Survey (AHCSS), conducted in 2004 and 2005.

Key Findings:                       

  • In the NYSCS, smokers that reported using flavored cigarettes most often were individuals 17 years of age (22.8%) and those 18–19 years of age (21.7%).
  • Of the smokers in the NYSCS (age range from 17–26 years), 11.9 percent reported flavored cigarette use in the past 30 days. Among the AHCSS sample (age 25 and older), 6.7 percent of smokers reported flavored cigarette use.
  • Camel Exotic Blends was the most frequently used brand of flavored cigarettes in both surveys. The majority of these smokers reported using the brand 1–2 days per month and a different brand for the cigarettes they smoked on a daily basis.

Flavored cigarette use was most prevalent among youth between 17–19 years of age. Although used somewhat infrequently, the fact that younger individuals reported the highest usage is an area of concern.