Study Captures Characteristics and Work Attitudes of Newly Licensed RNs

A clearer understanding of the attitudes and employment patterns of newly licensed RNs is a potentially important indicator of turnover rates among nurses.

What researchers found: Fifty-nine percent of newly licensed nurses were satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs, but 42 percent answered they would want another job if they were free to go into any job they wanted. Thirty-seven percent intended to search for a new job within a year. For those who had already left their first jobs, poor management was their primary reason for leaving. A quarter of those surveyed found it "difficult or impossible" to do their jobs because of inadequate supplies.

Why we chose this publication: The retention of newly licensed RNs in the nursing field is important given that they are more likely to work in high turnover settings, such as hospitals. Since little is known about the turnover rates among newly licensed nurses, findings from this study provides guidance on factors that may contribute to job dissatisfaction and high turnover rates.

Why we chose this publication: The goal of this study was to examine the first work settings of 3,266 newly licensed RNs from 35 states who received their first nursing licenses between August 1, 2004 and July 31, 2005. RNs provided responses to questions about their characteristics, work settings, job opportunities and feelings toward work.

Publication information:
“Newly Licensed RNs' Characteristics, Work Attitudes, and Intentions to Work”

Kovner CT, Brewer CS, Fairchild S, Poornima S, Kim H and Djukic M
American Journal of Nursing, 107(9): 58-70, September 2007