2007: The Year in Research

Every year, we choose 10 articles from our top research and evaluation projects that had real impact in the policy arena, helped shape our thinking and work, or stood out in other ways.

Here are our highlights:

  1. The increase in adolescence overweight may lead to significantly higher rates of coronary heart disease by 2035.

  2. Strong association exists between access to food stores and adolescent body mass index (BMI).

  3. Only 13 percent of children walked or biked to school in 2001, a dramatic decrease from 41 percent in 1969.

  4. Restaurant workers in areas without indoor smoking bans had significantly elevated levels of a tobacco-related carcinogen.

  5. Hospitalizations due to a drug-resistant bacterium have increased sharply since 1999.

  6. U.S. children receive the right indicated care services less than half the time.

  7. Discrepancies exist in state and Current Population Survey (CPS) estimates of insurance coverage.

  8. African-American life expectancy gap narrows but disparities persist.

  9. Study captures characteristics and work attitudes of newly licensed RNs.

  10. Among current and former welfare recipients, those with physical and mental health problems are more likely to be homeless.