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Lessons: Economic and Political Barriers

    • September 21, 2005

Since the Covering Kids & Families® (CKF) evaluators used site visits, written surveys, and online data to better understand the composition, approach and membership of CKF coalitions. program began, state grantees and their local projects have experienced a wide variety of changes to the environments in which they conduct their program activities. The program and its goals were formulated in an environment of public generosity but a national recession struck soon after, creating changes in public funding for Medicaid and SCHIP and forcing CKF coalitions to adapt to a less favorable environment.

Economic and political changes had significant influence on grantee activity planning and implementation, and on some occasions forced grantees to entirely overhaul their program focus. The largest environmental influences stemmed from economic downturns and policy changes.

The evaluation examined the influence of these external changes on CKF in a series of reports.