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Covering Kids & Families

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Lessons: Outreach

    • September 21, 2005

Covering Kids & Families® (CKF) seeks to increase enrollment of eligible children and families utilized an outreach strategy. Evaluators found that successful outreach strategies should be targeted, viable, measurable and adaptable.

Partnerships with schools and health care providers were among the most important and the most successful CKF strategies to expand access to health insurance to low-income children and their families. Diverse and creative means of outreach were particularly valued during times of limited funding availability, and grantees reported that many activities undergone in partnership with schools and providers would be sustainable after the termination of CKF funding.

CKF grantees developed a variety of creative means to reach vulnerable populations, but many grantees have struggled to effectively reach out to some populations. Barriers to reaching these populations included issues of trust and stigma, cultural and language barriers, and the accessibility of the target population to both CKF programs and medical care.