What Prevents State Covering Kids & Families'® Grantees from Achieving the Programs' Goals?

A Synthesis of Findings on Barriers, 2003-2006

Covering Kids & Families (CKF) was designed to help overcome barriers that made it difficult for children and adults to enroll, and stay enrolled, in Medicaid and SCHIP. This report highlights findings from interviews with grantees.

In many instances, grantees reported that they had overcome these barriers or were working through them. Results are mixed as to how much aid coalitions provided in overcoming barriers: 40 percent of state CKF grantees that had overcome, or were overcoming, their greatest barriers said their coalitions aided them in working through the barrier, while 75 percent believed that their coalitions were helping them overcome current barriers. Grantees’ confidence in their coalitions’ abilities to help overcome current barriers is a strong signal in support of the coalition model.

Moreover, whether or not they had their coalitions’ assistance in overcoming barriers, more than half of grantees reported that they had either overcome, or were overcoming, their greatest overall and current barriers. Thus, with or without outside support, many CKF project directors and project coordinators found ways to overcome barriers in order to achieve CKF goals.