Citizen Groups Enjoy More Support, Less Isolation, in Local War on Drugs

Coordinating community coalition participation outreach activities around HBO substance abuse specials

From 1991 to 2000 Join Together engaged in a wide range of activities designed to assist community-based groups in their efforts to reduce, prevent and improve treatment of substance abuse.

Key Results

  • Over the grant period, Join Together:

    • Produced four national surveys documenting community responses to substance abuse. Two key findings:
      • Communities in every state and of every size were mobilizing to fight substance abuse. More than 1,700 groups identified themselves as the leader or sponsor of a community coalition to fight substance abuse, as of 1992.
      • By 1998, 3,500 respondents felt less isolated and had better access to current information.
    • Chaired six national public policy panels to review current policy toward substance abuse prevention and treatment. Among the topics included:
      • Access to alcohol for underage drinkers.
      • Financing substance abuse services.
      • The justice system and substance abuse.
      • Substance abuse treatment and recovery.
    • Convened four national conferences to:
      • Train community groups in methods they can use to collect data and assess the specific substance abuse problems in their areas and the progress they had made.
      • Collect, analyze and disseminate the lessons learned from community efforts across the country to combat substance abuse.
    • Created an annual Join Together Fellows program, which brought together community-based leaders to train them in personal leadership development and strategic approaches to community problems.
    • Produced periodic reports associated with its surveys, policy panels and conferences, a quarterly newsletter and a monthly action kit designed to aid community groups.
    • Developed a website.