Action for Healthy Kids Helps People from Low-Income Communities Attend Childhood Obesity Conference and Produces a Report on the Conference

Leveraging leadership to overcome childhood obesity by extending the impact of the Healthy Schools Summit 2005

Action for Healthy Kids, a national nonprofit organization that works to address the epidemic of overweight, undernourished and sedentary youth by focusing on changes at school, recruited community leaders from poor, urban areas to attend a national conference entitled Healthy Schools Summit 2005.

The organization, based in Skokie, Ill., also prepared and disseminated a report on the conference presentations and related information on how to improve student nutrition and increase physical activity in schools.

Key Results

  • Thirty-two people recruited from low-income communities of color in 25 states attended the Healthy Schools Summit 2005 and received stipends to cover their travel expenses.

  • Action for Healthy Kids published and disseminated a 41-page report—A Mission Becomes a Mandate: Campaign for School Wellness—on strategies discussed at the conference and related information.