We wish to express our profound appreciation to the many people whose efforts and commitment to excellence have made this volume of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anthology possible.

Within the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, David Morse has made an invaluable contribution as wise counselor, conscientious editor, and, in this volume, chapter co-author. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey reviewed every chapter, and we appreciate her insights and suggestions. Katherine ­Muessig did a remarkable job of gathering materials and assisting authors. She is leaving the Foundation to pursue a masters’ degree in public health, and we shall miss her. Molly McKaughan did her usual outstanding job of editing and connecting dots that we otherwise might have missed. Deborah Malloy, Nancy Giordano, Sara Wilkinson and Sherry DeMarchi pro­vided, once again, near-perfect administrative support. Marilyn Ernst, Carol Owle, Mary Castria, Carolyn Scholer, and Ellen Coyote handled financial matters with competence and good will. Hope Woodhead and Barbara Sherwood took care of the book’s distribution with great professionalism. Lydia Ryba gave us comfort by checking the accuracy of the dollar amounts and dates of all Foundation grants mentioned in the book. The staff members of the Foundation’s information center—Hinda Feige Greenberg, Katherine Flatley and Mary Beth Kren—were, as usual, outstanding in providing material. A number of people within the Foundation reviewed individual chapters, and we acknowledge the contribution of Nancy Barrand, Linda Bilheimer, David Colby, Katherine Hatton, James Ingram, Carol Kroch, Tracy Orleans, Ann Pomphrey, Judith Stavisky and Anne Weiss.

C.P. Crow again demonstrated his remarkable skill as an editor, for which we remain grateful. We thank Carolyn Shea for fact checking with such speed and thoroughness, and Lauren MacIntyre for converting hand-marked edited copy into printed text with amazing accuracy. Elizabeth Dawson participated in all aspects of editing and producing the Anthology, and we are indebted to her. Greta McKinney performed her bookkeeping duties conscientiously, as usual.

We owe a special debt of gratitude to the Anthology’s outside review committee: Susan Dentzer, Frank Karel, William Morrill, Patti Patrizi, and Jonathan Showstack. Their thoughtfulness and sound judgment are vitally important to maintaining the high standard of analysis and writing that characterizes the Anthology.

Finally, there are two former leaders of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation who are frequently interviewed by authors of Anthology chapters seeking information about the Foundation’s past programs and philosophy. They are quoted frequently in the pages of the Anthology series. We would be remiss in not expressing our appreciation to Robert Blendon and Steven Schroeder for their unfailing generosity in sharing their knowledge and expertise with authors and editors alike.