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Expectations of Sustainability

What Do CKF Grantees and State Officials Predict Will Happen Once RWJF Funding Ends?

The Covering Kids & Families (CKF) program was designed to develop and launch state and local coalitions that would work to expand public health insurance coverage of the uninsured. The Foundation intended, once these coalitions were launched, to begin reducing its funding, with the eventual goal of having the coalitions fund themselves entirely from local support.

Beginning in January 2006, the Foundation began to phase out its funding for the 46 CKF state grantees. But what would happen in this post-grant period? Would CKF grantees find other sources of support and continue to operate? Or will they disappear or shift their goals? To find out what the grantees, and the state officials who have worked with them, predicted would happen, the evaluation team surveyed them in July 2005. The survey found that most grantees, and a majority of state Medicaid and SCHIP officials, are optimistic that the CKF projects in their states can continue at least some activities after funding ends. Both groups believe it is likely that the current grantee, in some instances with other organizations, will be able to continue activities. Indeed, 16 of the 46 state grantees have secured continued funding from other sources. However, as of summer 2005, most grantees—including those whose grants end soonest, in early 2006—had not yet secured funding for the future, which has raised concerns that activities will not be sustained in many states.