Workshops Sample Citizens' Views on how to Cover the Uninsured

Expanding the boundaries of the health coverage debate through innovative public opinion research

From 2002 to 2004, Viewpoint Learning, a San Diego firm that develops specialized dialogues for business and public policy, conducted three eight-hour workshops in early 2004 (in San Diego, Philadelphia and Atlanta) on how to cover the millions of Americans without health insurance.

Key Findings:

  • In all three workshops, participants determined that their top priority was to ensure that all Americans and legal immigrants have access to affordable health coverage.
  • Participants leaned toward a two-tier health care system that would make basic coverage available to all citizens at an affordable price, with enhanced coverage available to those who wish to pay for it.
  • Participants agreed that coverage should be provided by a combination of private and public sectors.
  • Participants expressed a willingness to give up some degree of personal privacy to achieve equity and efficiency.
  • Participants agreed that individuals bear a crucial responsibility for maintaining their own personal health.
  • Participants expressed a willingness to pay more in taxes, premiums and co-pays if strong accountability measures were established.
  • Participants agreed that fairness should be a basic goal of health insurance reform.