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Covering Kids & Families Evaluation

An RWJF Collection

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An Analysis of Covering Kids & Families (TM) Coalitions

Final Report

State and local coalitions are a central feature of the Covering Kids & Families® (CKF) initiative, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

The Foundation stated its intention that CKF coalitions will be expected to build a lasting capacity in states and communities to continue progress toward the initiative’s objectives even after the funding period. Given this central role of coalitions, the CKF Evaluation team developed a coalition member survey instrument that it administered by mail to up to 60 members of 10 state coalitions and two local coalitions in each of these states in the spring of 2003. The survey was designed to find out what coalition members do to participate in CKF and their opinions on the activities of their coalitions. The results of this coalition survey, together with data from the online reporting system and the site visits to the same 10 state and 20 local grantees, are brought together in this report to answer several questions:

  1. Who belongs to CKF coalitions?
  2. What are the coalitions’ priorities?
  3. How do coalitions work?
  4. Are coalition members able to work together without conflict?
  5. Were the coalitions paying attention to sustaining themselves in spring 2003?
  6. Were the coalitions successful in their objectives?